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The “Wieners” of the Hot Dog Haiku Contest!

Throwing a real-life wiener dog into the mix when delivering spoken haiku kinda lands you as the ringer, but our own Will Campbell also spake a lovely passage. Missed the haiku? Don’t know what we’re going on about? There’ll prolly be a Hot Dog Death March next year. Start training now!



To see all the amazing contestants, please click here! Thanks to Chal for shooting these.

bLA & the LA Blogosphere in the new Wired

A shout out to the LAFD’s Brian Humphrey for appearing in the print version of Wired magazine, in a feature on marshaling the power of web technology to help fight fires, instantaneously alert for emergencies, and integrate the community with the Fire Dept. I can’t find the piece online but I’m sure it’ll be up in a week or so, or you could just suck it up & grab the magazine.

Also, do I spy a letter to the editor penned by our very own Will.I.Am? I believe I recognize that pointed, emphatic and elegant prose in service of a finely-tuned rant. Good show, gents!