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Rockaway Beach to Venice Beach: Marky Ramone Hawks his Sauce at Whole Foods

Marky Ramone getting some California Sun

East Coast vs. West Coast rivals laid down their Glocks and picked up spoons last Saturday, as Marky Ramone, former drummer of the Ramones, flew in from Brooklyn to the Venice Whole Foods to promote his new pasta sauce. The sauce is called Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce, a fittingly complicated name from someone whose job it was to keep time for the rapid Ramones.

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How safe is your Peanut Butter product?

LA based (OK, El Segundo) Fresh and Easy Market has a nifty sign proclaiming their stuff is safe and never had anything from the tainted manufacturer.   In recent days the list has expanded.  Whole Foods Paycheck and Monrovia based Trader Joe’s have more than a couple of items on the recall list due to salmonella poisoning.  The current outbreak has been noted as the cause of several deaths across the country including at least one in CA.

For more details you can check the official FDA Peanut Butter Recall site, or download their PDF Direct.

Pic grabbed by me with the trusty cell phone cam a short bit ago.

Whole Foods Opens Superstore in Venice, Upsets Delicate Balance Between Yuppies and Bums

When I first began visiting Los Angeles via LAX, I was saddened by the unsightly welcome that greeted me along Lincoln Boulevard.  I dreamed of a future that included a high-class, tree-lined Lincoln thoroughfare, complete with fancy stores and unobtrusive billboards.  My dream could be one step closer today, as Whole Foods held a Grand Opening of its latest “superstore” (my term) in Venice, along Lincoln just north of Rose Avenue.

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