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Not Too Late: LA Film Fest In Westwood

Majestic Crest in Westwood by Jodi

I’m just getting around to posting something about this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, which is now more than halfway over. Considering that most of the films play more than once, there is still an opportunity to see many (potentially) great movies. There are also repeat screening being added along the last four days of the fest.

For the past three years, Film Independent‘s LA Film Festival has played for 11 days toward the end of June in Westwood. Screenings occur in the many theaters located right in the village and expand over to other locations outside of the village, such as The Landmark on Pico at Westwood Blvd.

I had to scale back on my pass this year, so I’m seeing fewer films. In a way, I was  more selective because of that and have been pleased with everything I’ve seen so far. I’ve found that the descriptions that festival programmers write, especially at Sundance, are often misleading and you end up seeing a completely different movie. I haven’t experienced that this time around though. It seems like the documentary lineup is very strong this year, but I’m a doc junkie and mostly only see those.

Metro: Um… We’ll Get Back To You

There has been quite a reaction to yesterday’s news regarding Metro’s construction timetables for new rail lines in Los Angeles. One of the biggest outcries comes at word that the Subway to the Sea – the Purple Line that currently terminates at Wilshire & Western – won’t even reach Westwood until the year 2032. Naturally, a lot of us had questions.

Jody Litvak of the Metro Westside Extension Study Team joined in on the comment section to update us on the Subway to the Sea’s progess. I shot her an email with a few questions:

1. Besides funding issues, why is the completion of the Purple Line to Santa Monica expected to take so long?

2. Does the projected completion date of 2032 to Westwood include the Pink Line extension from Hollywood/Highland (Alternative 11)? If not, how would that affect the Westside timetable?

3. With the city’s population expected to increase dramatically in the next 30 years, why aren’t there more projects on the drawing board, such as a possible SGV-SFV line connecting Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank-Universal-Sherman Oaks to connect with the 405 corridor?

Jody responded by referring me to Rick Jager at Metro’s Media Relations Department. I repeated my questions to Rick, which elicited the following response at 2:39 this afternoon:

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Metro: Subway to the Sea in 20+ Years

I almost spit out my cough drop when I read an entry by Steve Hymon on yesterday’s Bottleneck Blog:

During the news conference about Measure R’s passage, Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Roger Snoble said it may now be possible to extend the line to Fairfax Avenue within six or seven years and the line could get to Westwood in 20 years. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa heard that, and super-super-quickly stepped to the mike and promised to be “aggressive” about securing federal dollars to speed that up.

By the time Snoble and the boys finishing tunneling down Wilshire, the Gold Line will have reached Phoenix.

Way to go.