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Underground pop-up restaurant: “Dinner & a Movie” in a downtown artists’ loft

For those who wanted to go to the last private-home-hosted dinner from underground chef David Weidman but who couldn’t get in (he had to turn about a dozen folks away), hoo boy are you in luck! Chef David is hosting another dinner, this time at the super-cool Downtown location known as Abundant Sugar.

An apple tarte tatin begins its journey to your tummy.
An apple tarte tatin begins its journey to your tummy.

This artist’s loft/warehouse/performance space will play host to his “Dinner & A Movie” event on March 14. For only $25 you get a gourmet dinner and a movie–Sergio Leone? The Godfather?–well, something Italian, as you’ll guess from the menu. It’s a super cool venue and an amazing chef, so find a babysitter, grab a date or a pal, and go
here to sign up (if you’re not on facebook, leave a comment & I’ll connect you with Chef David). Only twenty-five seats are available.


Cold seafood Cioppino (clams, mussels and oysters steamed in vermouth with tomatoes, olives, anchovies and saffron)
Blood oranges and wild greens
Antipasti: 3 meats, 2 cheeses, marinated mushrooms, eggplant salad, white bean puree, bread
White lasagna in a cream sauce with caramelized garlic w/ yellow-foot chanterelles…OR…Penne with pancetta, Italian sausage, Chianti, garlic and tomatoes; meat balls (pork and beef with bread crumbs and Parmigiano in tomato sauce)
Assorted cheesecakes, coffee with Belgian chocolate, Cinnamon apples