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Walt Disney Concert Hall–so wrong or just right?

Walt Disney Concert Hall from City Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall from City Hall

In the course of my month as a couch potato recovering from surgery, I’ve embarked on an LA culture fest. I read LA Confidential, The Age of Dreaming, and Vampyres of Hollywood by (oh yes) Adrienne Barbeau. I have worked my way through the first three seasons (and then some) of Angel, and one night, in a break from the cultural junk food I watched Sidney Pollack’s Sketches of Frank Gehry with some friends which led to a heated debate about Los Angeles’ aesthetics.

At some point during the movie, Gehry is talking about scaling down the plans for the Walt Disney Concert Hall so that it better coordinates with the Dorothy Chandler. And here’s the rub: All four of us watching agreed that, in fact, the Disney doesn’t really coordinate with the Chandler at all. I mean, we’re talking Chuck Taylor All Stars with a little black dress here. But what we couldn’t agree on is whether or not that visual clash is a good thing. Continue reading Walt Disney Concert Hall–so wrong or just right?

Iron Man spotted at the Arclight!

Hello friends! We just got back from seeing Iron Man at the spectacular Cineramadome, and boy was it ever! Aside from a lackluster score, it’s easily the best superhero origin movie yet and we highly recommend you hop out to your local movie house and support Marvel Studio’s outstanding entre into the movie business.

It was also fun to see a true Los Angeles-based superhero on screen. Flying around the Santa Monica Pier and attending parties at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Though, his awesome residence in Malibu is just too cool to actually exist and would no doubt be a world-famous architectural landmark if it did indeed sit atop that hill overlooking the ocean.

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