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Johnny 5 is ALIVE!

Hello friends! In a previous post, we broke the news that Pixar is re-making the 1986 screwball, robo-comedy hit, Short Circuit.

Not only are they making a movie about Johnny 5 in the future, called Wall-E, the wizards at Pixar have a taken a cue from Short Circuit 2 and are actually producing little Johnny 5s to explore the Los Angeles sidewalks!

Click the picture for the video, courtesy of io9.com!

We here at the Mark and Steve Foundation applaud Pixar’s efforts to stay so true to the franchise while totally reinventing it for the next generation!

“FUN”-goria’s Weekend of Horrors! (Part 3)

Hello, friends! In part 1, and 2, of our report on Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors!, we captured celebrity images, met Joe Dante, fought bugs and braved the wormhole that would ultimately bridge the inter-dimensional rift that separates the L.A. from the O.C.

When you last left your heroes, they were about to embark on a honey-soaked nightmare through the Hundred Acre Wood!

Click here for the stunning finale!