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Menu Mining: Doomies Home Cookin’

Doomie's menu, click to embiggen

Let me preface this with I’m not vegan, vegetarian or carnivore. I’m an omnivore and appreciate good food when I find it. I do “meatless monday” for health reasons and have found a lot of really good all veggie places. This one is near the top.

The atmosphere at Doomie’s is a bit divey, you can see the kitchen from the tables and its cluttered, but not dirty. The bathrooms I can’t be as nice about…I wanted to disinfect my shoes after going in there. But this isn’t about the potty but about the food.

I went with an old pal last night who is a practicing vegan and she RAVES about how good the food is…all vegan, except a little bit of real cheese available to those vegetarians who do that stuff. Continue reading Menu Mining: Doomies Home Cookin’

Big Problems for LA Vegans

If you have special dietary requirements or restrictions it’s important that you can trust restaurant menus and marketing. This is important for health reasons because many people have allergies that can be life threatening. As you can imagine it would be problematic for someone with a nut allergy to be assured that a restaurant was nut-free only to find that the main course had a little peanut butter thrown in “for flavor.” For people who have made dietary choices based on ethics or religion, such as veganism, being able to trust what a restaurant tells you is also extremely important.

Green Leaves Vegan is not veganIt’s not entirely news that some places in LA that claim to be or offer vegan menu items are not being completely honest. 3 years ago I mentioned a run in with Vegan Express where an employee told me some of the fake meat sold as vegan contained whey, a milk product. I also had a less than pleasant experience at Green Leaves Vegan where I was asked to leave the place after asking why there would be non-vegan items on a menu at a restaurant with “vegan” in it’s name with nothing to differentiate them on the menu.

While my research started and stopped with asking a handful of questions, the folks over at LA’s Quarry Girl took things a step further. Actually many many steps further – they actually did laboratory tests on menu items from 17 different eateries that claim to be vegan. Seriously. This is the most in depth trial and investigation on this kind of thing I’ve ever seen. Of those 17, 10 passed the test, one was suspect, 5 failed, and 1 failed in major major ways. The big failure was Green Leaves Vegan which I can’t say I’m surprised to hear. I was extremely surprised that one of my favorite places Pure Luck came back suspect. Most of the other failures were of the “vegan thai” variety and it’s entirely possible the problem is due to faulty product labeling.

The Quarry Girl posse looked into that as well and found some shocking information about requirements on ingredients lists for import foods that should be of concern to anyone who cares what they put in their bodies. Really you should just go read the article.

[Thanks LaLaWag]

More Vegan Cupcakes for LA

lamapjpgIn addition to the recent news that Pasadena bakery My Sweet Cupcake now serves vegan cupcakes a few times a week (call first before driving over there), I just found out that New York’s Babycakes is finally about to open in LA, though not at their original planned location. You may remember that back in 2007 I pointed to their soon to open space n Beverly Blvd which in turn never opened. The cupcakestresses announced via e-mail this morning that not only they have signed a lease on a spot in the bank district in downtown but already have a staff hired and expect to be open very soon. More news when I get it!

Metblogs readers get a Viva la Greens cooking class discount!

I recently penned a story for the soon-to-be-defunct (now-resurrected and on newsstands thoughout Southern California–hooray!) Whole Life Times featuring a slew of local cooking classes that specialized in “green” courses–whether that was macrobiotic, vegan, gluten-free, what have you. I conducted such long interviews with these folks it seemed a bummer to have to condense it into the little blurbs that appeared in the magazine, and I vowed to myself to follow up with each of the chefs here, on LA Metblogs.

First in that series is Viva la Greens, operated by one Christy Morgan. We spoke via email the other day & she’d be down with offering you folks a Metblogs-reader-only discount on her classes! Y’all would get a whopping $15 off on her classes, from a Vegan Brunch class (“From Banana Pancakes, to Southwest Tofu Scramble, to Walnut Currant Scones, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with these and more brunch foods you’ll learn in class. All hands-on so bring your apron!”) to a Healthy Decadent Desserts course (“Do you have a sweet tooth but feel guilty indulging in the usual sweets available to you from the grocery store? Join us for a special dessert class where you’ll learn to make your favorite treats all vegan from scratch with natural ingredients and no refined sugar.”) Her “Basics of a Plant-Based Diet” class is $20 off, too, for those of you belatedly attempting to get on top of that “eat healthier” New Year’s Resolution. Yay!

Sounds tasty to me.

Click here for her website & info on local classes.