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Lights! Camera! Electropop!

"The Listening" Will Be Released On 10/6
LIGHTS Debut Album, "The Listening" Will Be Released On 10/6

I just found out that LIGHTS will be performing at the Troubadour on November 3rd!

For those of you unfamiliar with LIGHTS, she’s a tiny, Canadian, World of Warcraft playing, keytar wielding, comic-book-heroine-slash-intergalactic-electropop-artist. In other words, she’s totally my dream best friend (no offense to my actual best friends, but come on, you guys really need to step it up).

LIGHTS’ debut album “The Listening” will be released tomorrow (10/6), but the album is streaming in its entirety on LIGHTS’ Myspace page right now, so go check it out.

But wait, there’s more! LIGHTS is also starring in the cutest animated comic series on MTV and MTV.com called “Audio Quest.” You can watch the first episode here. Continue reading Lights! Camera! Electropop!

Amanda Palmer Slays L.A.

Amanda Palmer plays Radiohead, by me. Bigger with a click.
Amanda Palmer plays Radiohead on the beach, by me. Bigger with a click.

Amanda Palmer is ostensibly on vacation. After nearly a year of touring in support of her album “Who Killed Amanda Palmer,” she is taking some much deserved time off. Of course, time off for Amanda means playing shows at the Troubadour (last night) and hosting occasional Tweet-ups on the beach for friends and fans.

Often the venues that Amanda plays are 21+ or 18+, so her younger fans don’t get a chance to see her perform or interact with her. She uses Twitter to alert fans to what amounts to flash mobs in public spaces: “LA ninja beach gathering is going to be a winner. today, 4 pm, hermosa beach @ end of 16th street. bring flowers, ninja clothes.” And the fans happily obey, as evidenced in my photo set from that afternoon. (Careful. Amanda is very, shall we say, “free?” A few of the pics in that set, while tasteful, are NSFW.)

Amanda tweets and a hundred people show up at random locations on a few hours notice. One reason for that is her unusually deep connection to her fans. The marketing benefit for “Amanda Palmer™” seems to be a pleasant, almost unintended consequence of who Amanda Palmer really is. They heap adoration on her, but more importantly she’s very open with them, and genuinely loves them back.

Click past the jump for more on one of the best shows in L.A. this year. Continue reading Amanda Palmer Slays L.A.