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Itty Bitty Traffic Cone Stops No Actual Traffic…that we know of

minicone wtfSo I had to make a visit to L’Angolo Cafe a little while ago for work. It’s at the corner of 9th & Main, right where Spring & Main merge–cool intersection with some promising new life in the form of some lofts that have opened up and a number of nifty restaurants in the area. I used to date a really wonderful boy who lived in the Dancing Girls building right behind the Orpheum and we’d dance at art parties on the roof or hang out in the Tomahawk with friends. Saturday a.m. we’d stagger to Angelique’s for omelettes. Mmmm. Serious memories in this little square of Downtown. But I digress.

After dinner, my guests and I were returning to the car when we passed a Caltrans street blockade (what are those sandwich-board things called?), laying on its side on the concrete sidewalk. But it was the lilliputian safety cone carefully placed on top of it that caught my eye.

We picked it up (a bad idea, it was…sticky). It was also that kind of punky, squishy Nerf texture that occurs often in stress-relieving foam office-desk accoutrements. After studying it with much amusement, we placed it back on its perch & left it to its wee mysterious fate.

Was this some sort of bitchen’ Caltrans party swag? A wacky gag gift from a bored, sandwich-munching mid-level supervisor to another bored, sandwich-munching mid-level supervisor? A cautionary sign to itty-bitty drivers, who might swarm the streets of Downtown at night if not for being held back to respectable miniature, probably underground byways by this cone and its squishy fellows? A dedicated pee stop for teacup toy pinschers?

Apologies for my craptastic photoshop skills. I swear to Dog I can paint. More mystifying pics (sorry, lousy cellphone cam) after le jump.
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