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The Dude Aside –


I saw This Person shopping at a Santa Monica Ralph’s last week, fully without irony.

She and her friends were not looking to see if anyone would notice the robe, nor were they in any sort of Dude-like good humor.

I would have been willing to Consider giving her a pass if she at least bought milk and/or Kahlua, but all they bought was a few bags of Doritos.

They wandered the store, jabbering in a language I failed to identify (and I’m pretty good at that), and exuding general bitchiness.


No thank you.


(No, I don’t show her face. And neither should she.)

I so f’ing want this – even as *fot as it is!


spotted at Target, how before seen on the streets?
spotted at Target, how before seen on the streets?

Oh crap when I saw this I just had to stand back and laugh.  Then the reality hit, oh the uses I could have for this.  My little driver will soon be used by my oldest when she gets her license in February.  Imagine programming it to scroll “Driving bad?  Call my Dad…then my number” .  Of course “thanks for the wave“,”thanks for letting me in” or “stressed leave me alone” would work too and give my kids one less reason to be on the couch at 20.

It can be programmed with up to 5 messages.  What else could I put?  Your ideas?

What is funny is that in the time it took me to get through the line at Target and home to do this Post, Burns! saw the pic on my flickr and made a comment.  I’ll save him a keystroke or two, here is what he wrote:

Oh my god, yes! Can it create messages on the fly? Maybe I could modify it with some voice-to-text software so as to give some very specific messages to other drivers? 

I can’t answer his questions as I didn’t open the box.  I don’t know why I found it and most of what I saw at Target today so funny, but this one was the funniest and scariest at the same time.  Will it play in LA?  One never knows, but I think it will do well in Bumfuque, MO.  For gawds sake if you find one in the wild please send me the pic.

*fot =fresh outta the trailer park.  Similar to fob or fobby, only for folks with roots in a trailer park.