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Somebody Paid their City Fees: Eagle Rock Music Fest Coming Up

Many of us abandoned Sunset Junction long before they were forced to cancel this year because of a dispute over city fees. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had a good time there in the past and they do get hella good bands to play. But there are so many freaking people there that–for me–the event is on the ever-increasing list of places I personally consider a victim of their own success. I’m just too much of a misanthrope to enjoy downtown art walk, Dia de los Muertos in Hollywood Forever, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Sunset Junction as much as I might were I not forced to share space with a teaming mass of humanity. I don’t want to have to brush up against a bunch of sweaty arms even if they are all sporting amazing sleeves. I don’t know if Sunset Junction is “the largest celebration of diversity in Los Angeles and in California” as they bill themselves on their website (in fact, I find that hard to believe), but I do know there are too many damn people there for my tastes.

Enter the Eagle Rock Music Festival. I went two years ago because I wanted to see No Age and Peanut Butter Wolf. It was free then–now they’re asking for a $5 donation–and it was just crowded enough but not too crowded. I admit I don’t know most of the bands listed this year (not that that’s any indicator–most of my favorite albums were released between 1977 and 1983), but in 2009 two of my favorites were bands I’d never heard before: Nico Stai and The Mormons. The latter cycled up, handed out pamphlets, and did a renegade performance on instruments they had ported on their bikes including a strap-on drum set and an amp with a shoulder strap–tres punk rock. Kudos, Mormons. This year, I’m sure there will be other musical surprises. It’s easy enough to stroll Colorado Boulevard from one end of the festival to the other and stop when you hear something interesting. Really, how can you go wrong in a festival where the line-up at the family stage concludes with The Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere followed by a Neil Diamond Tribute Band? Anyway, I’m super sad I’ll be out of town and will miss it this year, but you b.la readers should go and let me know how it is.

[An aside: Please someone over at the Sunset Junction website learn the difference between “it’s” and “its.” Thank you.]

Sunset Junction Cancelled, Some Shows Will Go On

Arthur Adams at Sunset Junction '08. Courtesy our own Burns!

In the end, even Live Nation couldn’t use its deep pockets to bail a lil’ ol’ community-oriented street festival out: an apparent $100,000 loan from the conglomerate notwithstanding and a ridiculous attempt to raise more money from the community – on top of the $25 it already charges for entry – it looks like Sunset Junction is cancelled.  The organizers apparently failed to solidify their permitting situation before selling tickets to the public, renting space out to the vendors, and booking the bands:  according to the city, some $141,000 in fees were past due, and have been for the past year.  Like that time your parents forgot one too many times to pay the electricity bill, the Board of Public Works finally just turned off the festival’s lights this morning.

But, as this is the Festival That Just Won’t Die Gracefully, the organizer’s attorney told LA Weekly soon after the Board’s decision: “Were gonna go back and review our options.”  That said, the organizers have indicated that there will be refunds (a recent tweet: “Lets not lose our faith, web site is down & Tickets $ will be re inverse to all of fans who supported, please do not panic (vendors,fans etc)”), but still are decrying the injustice of it all on their Facebook page and in a press release.

In spite of the cancellation, there may be a few performances this weekend yet.  LA Weekly also reports that El Cid’s stage will remain open “because they never received – and thus never signed – official contracts from the festival.  They’re also opening another free stage for displaced bands at nearby sister club Los Globos.”

Proposed Retail Development In Silver Lake

Hat tip to my neighbor for posting this notice on her blog about a community meeting (conveniently timed during the middle of Coachella weekend) on April 18 regarding a proposed mixed use development for 94 rental units, restaurant and retail in Silver Lake on Sunset at Sunset Junction.

Dear Neighbor, Guess Who's Moving In?
Dear Neighbor, Guess Who's Moving In?

Here’s what the notice says:

Dear Neighbor,

The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

Invites you to attend

Community Meeting / Open House
Saturday, April 18
11:00 AM
Location: The parking lot on Santa Monica between Sanborn and Manzanita, across from Jiffy Lube

Regarding 4000 Sunset Blvd. (Sunset Junction)
Proposed mixed use development for 94 rental units, a restaurant and retail Continue reading Proposed Retail Development In Silver Lake

Sunset Junction destruction: Are we about to lose the heart of Silver Lake to a developer’s wrecking ball?

Demolition of Sunset Junction’s distinctive former Red Car station & surrounding buildings could change the heart of a historic neighborhood forever

You know this row of buildings. It’s that cute corridor at the terminus of Santa Monica Boulevard, right at Sunset Junction.

Now imagine it gone. Wiped off the map, along with one private residence and the historic Red Car station–everything on the land spanning from the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sanborn Ave., (former site of Lovecraft Biofuels) to Manzanita Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd, would be replaced by…wait for it…

A four-story (FOUR STORY!), 60-foot-high apartment / retail monstrosity.

A four-story (FOUR STORY!), 60-foot-high apartment / retail monstrosity with ONE SINGLE EXIT / ENTRANCE on Manzanita Avenue.

Hello, traffic and inflation. Goodbye, charm & community. As if those eyesores across from El Cid weren’t enough of an abomination, now they’re going to try to foist this on us?!


All the info you need is here at the Sunset Junction Destruction website. That site informs us that:
A community input meeting is scheduled for the beginning of February 2009. For questions and concerns, and information on upcoming community meetings please direct inquiries to:

[email protected], Chair, Urban Design & Preservation Committee
www.frostchaddock.com, developers for the 4000 Sunset Blvd Project

Send email & comments to [email protected] and they will be forwarded to The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Eric Garcetti CD13 and appropriate parties concerned. Thank you.

Monday Bullets: Where In The World Is Westlake?

  • Sunset Junction isn’t what it used to be, and that ain’t a good thing. Militant Angeleno finds hipsters and “racially segregated” stages, all while looking in from the outside of a chainlink fence. Tear down this wall!
  • The L.A. Times is asleep at the word processor again. LA Cowboy gives them a history lesson about the historic Westlake neighborhood. It is now virtually impossible for them to graduate without extra credit.
  • LAist reports that Downtown L.A. could see the return of a streetcar within 5 years. Mainly, because Metro would not be in charge. (UPDATE: CurbedLA points to a Downtown News report that it could be 2 years away. 2 YEARS!!!)
  • When Are We Going To California? would like to ask LAX a few questions about their security procedures. Why are the lines always so long? Why can’t you hire more TSA workers? Does the full body cavity search include a happy ending?

David Markland contributed to Monday Bullets. He’s swell.

Photo from wordcat57’s photostream