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Pour Some Sugar On Me

For reasons I’m too ashamed to tell anyone outside of the deepest most inner circle of my friends, I can no longer show my face at my former hair salon and therefore must reluctantly begin the tiresome process of finding a new home for my hair. Silver Lake may be brimming with totally tantalizing eats, mega hip bars and the best in indie fashion, but one thing that seems to be lacking in my neighborhood is a wide selection of high quality, cutting edge hair salons.

Sugar Hair Salon in Silver Lake

Perhaps hair is the one area where the west side has us beat.

Having walked and scooted by Sugar Hair Salon in Silver Lake dozens of times, I randomly chose this beacon in blue and white as the first stop on my quest for maximum coiffage.

Adriana Rodriguez, co-owner of Sugar, greeted me and immediately began assessing my poorly shaped locks, which had become shamefully sloppy from mad neglect. While we discussed my hair preferences, my eyes were drawn to a giant wall of paintings and other media across the salon.

Adriana explained that the wall is part of a collection called, “100” featuring 100 square feet of art, by 100 Los Angeles-based artists, all for under $100. How rad is that? Apparently, I missed the opening in late February, but the pieces will be on display in the salon through May 24, 2009. Continue reading Pour Some Sugar On Me