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Manhunt in Studio City is now over

Murder Suspect Sought in Studio City (via ktla.com)

UPDATE: My bad, I had to walk the dog and forgot to hit post when this was relevant. *Doh!* Please go about your day. The suspect is now in custody.

According to coverage at KTLA:

Three schools were placed on lock down Friday as police search for a murder suspect in Studio City.

Police say the suspect was last seen just east of the Carpenter Ave. Elementary school campus where he fled after being recognized by North Hollywood detectives.

Authorities are searching the area near Laurel Canyon and Maxwellton.

The suspect may be armed and is dangerous, officer Diana Figueroa said.

Read the full story at KTLA.com

Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in Studio City

badgeThe Valley has seen its fair share of crime during the current recession. Car break-ins. Knock-knock bandits. And now, armed robbery with semi-automatic weapons.

Just last night, a woman was robbed at one of the busiest and most public intersections in the Valley, at Ventura Boulevard and Laurel Canyon. At 9:30.

Are you paying attention, Mr. Mayor? While you continue to play coy about your intentions to run for Governor, the city of Los Angeles is spiraling out of control. Do something, before citizens begin arming themselves for their own protection.

As for Erin Muir, he is her entire email account of what happened last night, posted with her permission:
Continue reading Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in Studio City

Studio City NIMBYS Fight NBC, Progress

As distracted as I was in my search for the ultimate Ricky Ricardo costume last week, I overlooked an e-mail from the Studio City Neighborhood Council regarding NBC’s proposed development over the Universal City Red Line subway station. It is a call by Communities United for Smart Growth to hold a town hall meeting about the project.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely green park with cottages at its edge. Birds sang, dogs romped, lovers swooned & children played.

The fable goes on to list the ways in which these things shall be destroyed. By towers, digital billboards, and construction dirt. It boasts that “local champions” Tom LaBonge and Zev Yaroslavksy warned us of the imminent danger to birds, dogs, lovers, and children, but that we did not listen.

So, Communities United for Smart Growth is holding a town hall meeting to re-write the fable. How can we ignore the needs of rompers and swooners?

SCNC Town Hall Meeting
East Valley High School
5525 Vineland
North Hollywood 91601
6-8pm Wednesday
November 12, 2008

NBC Needs Ventura Boulevard Subway

There is growing opposition to the NBC West Coast Headquarters project planned for the lot above Metro’s Universal Station. Some say it will be too big and create a traffic nightmare. That is why NBC needs to push for expanding rail transit in the Valley. Rail that goes in more directions, to more places.

That is why NBC needs to push for a Ventura Boulevard subway.

Just last year, both Tom LaBonge and Zev Yaroslavsky started to complain that this project was too big for Universal/Studio City/North Hollywood or whatever city your post office calls the area. They claim that this quaint little neighborhood of amusement parks, freeway interchanges and car dealerships cannot withstand such a massive development. It will be traffic hell. Continue reading NBC Needs Ventura Boulevard Subway

How Many Homes On Your Block Are Gay?

Admit it. You’ve eyed their well-manicured lawns and fabulous window treatments. But, do you know for sure which of your neighbors are actually gay?

Fightin’ Mad Mary of Studio City counted. Then, she made a chart. A gay house chart.

6 out of 14 households on FMM’s block represent alternative lifestyles of the rich and possibly famous. And she finds them to be very nice people. Will this lead to the inevitable GoogleGay from GoogleEarth?

FMM also has a gallery of various lawn signs from the ‘hood. Signs for politicians, props, and poop. Yes, poop. Clean up after your maverick canines!

Map of the Gays from Fightin’ Mad Mary and Q!