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Graffiti Grammar Bingo and Spelling Bee: Exhibit 1

B-I-N-G-OBecause, this image:

I hereby announce the bLA Graffiti Grammar Bingo & Bee. Once I post five of these, the first commenter gets a prize if they type BINGO!!!! and then identify the error. (Exclamation points not required.)

Obviously, this one should be “you’re,” and I also deduct points because the elephant appears to be both balancing on a ball and levitating to paint the sign. You can’t do both, Jumbo. I know these things.

I welcome submissions. Ping me at the address on my profile to send me one.

Blogging (in) LA: Melrose & Fairfax


Street Art is a pretty big topic in Los Angeles, and it’s been a hot topic right here on Blogging.la in the not too distant past. There’s no question that the epicenter of Los Angeles street art sites is 50mm Los Angeles. For the last 15 years some of the most talented folks in the LA scene have wasted countless hours on the message boards there. But sometimes you just want to see the art. And that is where Melrose & Fairfax has been killing it. Since the arrival of Known Gallery in the actual Melrose & Fairfax district, that area has become quite the hot spot in itself so a site named after that really need to deliver, and the dude(s?) behind M+F certainly deliver.

The site is like a firehose of pics, documenting every angle os street are in the city. Spray paint to wheat paste, posters to stickers, stencils to every damn thing else you can think of. If it’s happening on the streets in LA there’s likely a post about it there. While there is certainly news and discussion there, the site really excels at providing a constant visual stream – new pics all day every day. You can pop over there any time and see new stuff – sometimes new stuff by people you know, sometimes new stuff by new people making their first attempts on the streets. In a few minutes you can get a great idea of what’s new around town visually right this minute. Anytime I see new work that catches my eye that’s the first place I look for more info. Not to mention with so many other sites being text heavy, the commitment to photos here is a welcome distraction. And of course, you can find them on twitter as well (though sadly that’s just a feed of posts from the site).

[This post is part of our Blogging (in) LA series]

D*Face Solo Show at the Corey Helfrod Gallery

This may or may not be the biggest thing since Banksy brought an elephant to a Downtown warehouse: starting Saturday, UK street/pop culture/etc artist D*Face will be showing off a “multi-media vault of aPOPcalyptic new works” in a solo exhibit at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City.  D*Face has quite a portfolio – from the above street art that graced downtown in 2009 to the cover of a Christina Aguilera album to a (solicited) portrait of the pope.  For his “Going Nowhere Fast” exhibit, he’ll showcase new works more or less connected to theme of celebrity and our fascination with it.  Charlie Sheen’s 1 million+ Twitter followers, are you listening?

There also will be an installation entitled “Flutterflies”, in which actual bugs meet spray can caps.  Tying everything together, D*Face told Brand X that they’ll try to resurrect “three celebrities from the grave in a séance before the opening reception.”  Whether or not those specific celebrities are resurrected, I’m guessing there will be a ghost of someone floating around throughout the night.  Maybe the dead bugs will buzz back in to see how their bodies are now being used, kind of like how I imagine the spirits haunt the Body Worlds exhibits.  Anyway, the exhibit runs until April 27, but – and fair warning – the seance seems to be a one-time only deal.

D*Face’s “Going Nowhere Fast” opening night reception, Saturday April 9 from 7:30pm to 10pm at the Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Boulevard, Culver City. The exhibit runs until April 27.

Photo courtesy Lord Jim via the Blogging LA Flickr pool.