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Civil Obedience On Bikes in Santa Monica Today

This may be the most vague post you read all day, mostly because none of the actual info has really been made public yet (and I’m in San Francisco today so no pinning this one on me). Basically, in retaliation for the SMPD constantly harrassing cyclists and making their lives generally hellish, the rogue group called the Crimanimalz (yes those guys) are planning some kind of 100% legal disruption today. Again, I don’t know the deal but from what I can gather they’ve double checked the laws and plan to raise holy havok when the SMPD shows up and tries to get all uppity and oppressive and what not. Updates later on after it all goes down. Pics too I’m sure.

Update: There’s a post up on West Side Bike Side detailing what actually went down:

Yesterday approximately 6o cyclists protested police harassment (photos on Flickr & Ridazz) of Santa Monica Critical Mass.  In response to the 14 citations of Santa Monica Critical Mass (SMCM) riders last Friday we, the Crimanimalz, blocked 4 crosswalks for a cumulative period of 40 minutes.  By walking back and forth across crosswalks continuously the Crimanimalz were able to legally create massive traffic jams.  We effectively showed that legal behavior can be outrageously disruptive.  Further, we showed that should the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) continue targeting cyclists on Critical Mass, there will be consequences for traffic in Santa Monica on other days.