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Did Your Well of Inspiration Dry Up When You Dried Out?

You don’t need to be Dylan Thomas or Dorothy Parker to understand that the writing bone is all too often connected to the gin drinking bone. So what happens when you sober up? How do you foster the creative spirit if you’re not loaded? Writers in Treatment has an upcoming panel devoted to that predicament.

On October 13 at the Skirball, WIT and Hazelden present Chasing the Muse (when you are stone cold sober). Hosted by William Cope Moyers, with filmmaker actress/singer Katey Sagal; writer/creator of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter; novelist Michelle Huneven; and journalist/author Mark Ebner, the conversation will range from sources of inspiration to the role of recovery in the creative process. Ray Bradbury once said “You must stay drunk on writing so reality doesn’t destroy you.” Yes, but how?

The panel is $25 and you can register online here.

And there is a dessert reception afterward because inspiration is even better when followed by dessert.