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Big Diaper Donation To Women’s Shelter At The LA Mission

Tina (LA Mission), Kim (HAMO), Bridget (Chaplain, LA Mission)

Last Thursday morning the Anne Douglas Center for Women at the Los Angeles Mission received a donation of 40,000 diapers from Huggies through their new program called Every Little Bottom. Huggies is working with Help A Mother Out (HAMO) and other diaper donation resources to distribute up to 2.5 million diapers around the US and Canada right now. Later in the year, they will donate an additional 20 million diapers. 20 million!

Every day between 15 and 30 moms and dads come to the Anne Douglas Center in downtown LA to receive free diapers for their kids. Diapers and wipes are not covered under Food Stamps and WIC programs, leaving poor families in often horrible positions about whether to spend money on food or rent or diapers. 1 in 3 moms (and dads) struggle to provide diapers for their kids. Diapers can be so scarce that a parent will wash out a disposable diaper and use it again.

I was honored to help distribute diapers on Thursday at the Douglas Center with the HAMO representative in Los Angeles, Kim Tracy Prince. Other LA bloggers, Sarah (Mar Vista Mom),  Catalina (Catalina in LA) and Tania (Pure Natural Diva) were there as well to help spread the word about the need for diapers in LA.  We got to meet and speak to some of the moms who came in. Kenya arrived first with her two very sweet and sleepy kids, Jeremiah and Ja’niyha.

Kenya and her kids with Kim Tracy Prince

A short time later another mom came in. She needed a larger size for her daughter and we only had four diapers in that size (more are coming next week). We apologized profusely for only having four and she said, “That’s four that I didn’t have.”

The Anne Douglas Center will take your diaper donations any time. Just drive to the loading dock at rear of the Mission and they will receive what you have and give you a “gift in kind” receipt. They could really use larger sized diapers — size 4 and 5. Wipes are also very important, if you can add them to a donation. If you can’t make it down to the Los Angeles Mission to donate, you can visit the HAMO website to find various ways to donate online.

The Anne Douglas Center for Women is an amazing place, helping women in need in many ways.  I will tell you about that in another post. For now, if you can, please Help A Mother Out! Every Little Bottom needs diapering.

If you have the very common question of “what about cloth diapers?” please read this excellent article about cloth and disposable diapers for people in need right here.

Los Angeles Mission
303 East Fifth Street
Downtown Los Angeles

Anne Douglas Center for Women

If you want to read the diaper needs study that Huggies conducted, you can read that whole document here.

Thanks to the LA Bloggers for spreading the word! (Sorry Tania, I missed you somehow!)

Kim, Catalina and Sarah