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The Porch of July: Folk Americana Group Sing with an Open Porchestra

184511977_c86ebb126e_oI was a little grumpy because I haven’t been invited to any 4th of July shindigs (and am too lazy to host my own). Once again, Machine Project comes to the rescue!  Tonight, at 6pm, you can participate in “The Porch of July: Folk Americana Group Sing with an Open Porchestra,”  a free acoustic celebration and sing-a-long of American folk music, led by head balladeers Daniel Brummel and Laura Steenberge. Oh, and there will also be popcorn carts. I don’t know if there is anything more patriotic than that!

Prior to the sing-a-long, Machine is hosting an exclusive, members only Freeze-B-Q  at 4pm. It is a super secret event of which I can not divulge the details. I think that’s a good incentive for those of you who have been meaning to become a member but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Machine Project is located @ 1200 North Alvarado in Echo Park, 90026, between the Downbeat Cafe and the Echo Park Film Center. You’ll know where to find me starting at 4pm. I’ll be the one freezing pudding.