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Spotted in the Wild: Ketchup on Tap and Shamrock Shakes at Hi-Fi Mickey D’s

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that finds the Alvarado/Temple McDonald’s ketchup delivery system to be a little strange. I can’t help but imagine that feeding tube meandering snake-like down through the floor and pipes and plumbing to some huge pressurized vat of McKetchup that gets refilled once a month via tanker truck. I suppose that’s what I get for hitting McDonald’s instead of an LA-owned spot like In-N-Out (to whom I would offer my firstborn for a lifetime supply of food) or Tommy’s (who I don’t really like, but aren’t any worse than McDonald’s and are local) or my beloved WeHo Astro Burger (who still have the good sense to serve you ketchup in a bottle). In better news, somebody in charge at the Golden Arches HQ must’ve learned a lesson from last year’s Shamrock Shake debacle because this location also bore a large sign proudly proclaiming the availability of “Triple Thick Shamrock Shakes.” I didn’t partake, but knowing that the large variety of their other shakes weigh in at a whopping 1100+ calories, I’d advise any of you that plan to partake of the green devil to stick to the 16 oz.