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Human “books” can be checked out of the library!

In a unique & creative response by by a group of young people in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 1990s after one of their friends was stabbed during a night out, “Living Libraries” have been created to bring together people of different backgrounds and ideologies. And now the Living Library concept has arrived at the Santa Monica Library!

This Saturday you can “check out,” for up to a half-hour, all sorts of people you might know little about. Like a Buddhist, a vegan, a nudist (for better or worse, the nudist will be clothed at this event), formerly homeless “living books,” a feminist, a fat activist, a celebrity publicist,  a Oaxacan-American and a bunch more. Like a library’s usual holdings, the “living books” cover a wildly diverse range of subjects and ideas.

Swing on by, check out a “living book,” and peruse it for your allotted half-hour. Like any book, it promises to open your mind to new ideas.

h/t to Markland for pointing this out to me.

[Note: I can’t find this event in the library’s web site. It may be worth a call to make sure you’re heading to the right library.]

Wanted: Hipster, coward, fan of The Cure

Hello friends, Mark here.

My nephew, Angel

Maybe I’m a bit overly sensitive due to having just spent the evening with my 10 month old nephew, but this is just not cool, ever.

Usually, the Los Angeles Community on Livejournal just promotes whatever goth show is going on or has posts about which under 18 club is the best.

But tonight, someone has reached out to the community of Los Angeles at large for help!

Nobody lost a dog… it was just a typical hit and run. Happens in L.A. everyday. Heck, I hear screeching tires outside my window most every night and every tenth time or so the screeching is followed by the oddly pleasing crunch of metal on metal. What makes this occasion special is that the victim of the hit and run is 9 months pregnant!

Click here for the dirty details!

Where not to stay in LA

TripAdvisor (my personal favorite site for getting the low down on accomodations) has put together a list of the ten dirtiest hotels in the United States, and our own Pacific Sands Motel in Santa Monica has made the cut. Here’s a selection of what folks are saying about the Pacific Sands:

bed-bug.jpgWe put our dogs in cleaner kennels then this. . . . It should be burnt to the ground.

When checking into the room, found “the maid” and someone else in the bed, and embarrased, quickly turned around and went back to the office.

The room was dirty, the carpet was sticky, the bed smelled like urine, the light was gloomy. I felt like I was in a bad horror movie.

A transfer to Guantanamo Bay would have been preferable to a stay in this hell hole.

If youre given a choice between staying here or sleeping in the park with the homeless people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,take the park.

The inside of my toilet bowl is 10 times cleaner than this dump.

The bottom of the drawers were filled – to the point of covering up the entire bottom of the drawer – with cockroaches.


So now you know where to put up the in-laws next time they come to town.

(Hat tip to Gridskipper. Bed bug image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)