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San Gabriel River is flowing deep this spring

San Gabriel River at the East and West Fork Junction, click to embiggen

All that glorious rain that fell this winter made a dent in the 9+ year old drought through out the Los Angeles Basin.   The impact of those rains is most evident in the San Gabriel Canyon.  Both major dams are way up…and where the river was a barely a trickle where the East Ford and West Fork of the San Gabriel River meet the water is at near historic highs.  All that water will eventually work its way down to recharging out depleted water tables.

To get there to see it and the wild flowers in bloom take the 210 towards Azusa, exit CA Highway 39 and head north into the Canyon.  Word of caution, grab your Adventure Pass at the Rangers station at the mouth of San Gabriel Canyon to avoid a ticket for not having a permit.

ICME: “X” marks the spot but why?

It caught my eye and I don't know why.

It caught my eye and I don't know why.


Today is one of those blah days.  No energy but wanted to do something.  The thought of TV bored me.  The thought of another campaigner on the stoop wasn’t too thrilling either.  Everyone else in the house was in the same funk, maybe the post halloween sugar crash?  

I meandered over to the Lario Bike Trail and Park over in Azusa just off Foothill.  With camera in hand I took off along the various paths along the railroad tracks.  I just enjoyed the brisk breeze on an autumn day.  I brought along my camera but wasn’t really too motivated to shoot. 

A few things caught my eye along the way.  To see them all you need to make the jump. Continue reading ICME: “X” marks the spot but why?