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A Vertical Garden Is Sprouting On Sunset

Natural Mind's Vertical Garden in Silver Lake
Natural Mind's Vertical Garden in Silver Lake

An update on Natural Mind, the new salon that is moving into the former Video Market space at 3607 Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake. As you can see in the photos here, a vertical garden has begun to sprout all over the walls of the building. This project has been in the works for months and months and months. Living nearly on top of this building, my neighbors and I have been watching and waiting patiently for this perpetual mess to transform into the oasis that owner, Arnaud Ozharun claims it will be. Now that the garden is beginning to take shape, I am hopeful.

Slated to open in September last year, the salon finally appears to be coming together. When I walked by yesterday, I could see product on the shelves and furniture in place. However, the salon still looks to be at least a few weeks from opening. I for one am very much looking forward to living next to a lush, vertical garden rather than the piles of construction waste and dust filled air that we’ve had to tolerate for so many months.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted as the project progresses. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading A Vertical Garden Is Sprouting On Sunset

Freeways and Khakis: Adventures of the Los Angeles Urban Rangers

The LA Urban Rangers–a collective of artists, city boosters, history buffs, writers and other La City Nerd-types is hosting a salon at Farmlab a week from this Saturday. I’m planning on going.

So what will the salon entail? Chats about their past projects such as weekly field-trip-style tours of the LA County Fair, hosting workshops at architect/urban homesteading artist Fritz Haeg at his Sundown Schoolhouse, a guided tour of Hollywood Boulevard’s flora & fauna, and more neat stuff. Plus a bit about their new urban safari series that explores our local beaches. By approaching their subject matter with the scientific distance and nerdy enthusiasm of your average park ranger, they pull focus back from our usual myopic assessments of our local points-of-interest and help us to view it from a new, more holistic perspective. Which is cool. Drop me a comment if I should look for you there.

Don’t Worry–It Can Always Get Shorter

BOTTOMFEEDERS GUIDE TO LA: Paul Mitchell’s $10 Haircut

Brought up in the DIY tradition, I know that the real bottomfeeders’ haircut is the one you give yourself with a pair of clippers in your apartment bathroom. I did not darken the door of a salon from the age of 15 until I was 30. Over the course of those 15 years I developed a pretty fearless attitude toward haircuts. There were many failed experiments–there was the “artichoke cut,” for instance, which resulted from trying to fix a mistake and then trying to fix the fix, and so on–and there was the time I tried for ink blue and got pastel periwinkle instead–think Easter egg and you’re there.

haircut0608.jpgI am a far lazier person now than I was in my edgier youth, but one of my mottos remains, “If you can’t change your life, you can at least change your hair,” so how perfect that I can get a $10 haircut at the Paul Mitchell School in Sherman Oaks. It’s not a quick process, but it’s cheap as hell and it assuages my DIY guilt that I’m helping someone else learn. Pictured here is the result of my latest excursion, which put me back far more than $10 ($40!) because of the two-toned dye job. Nonetheless, I would have paid at least three times that a mile down the road where my friends go and I still got to lay around in a salon chair like an upscale flounder while other people did the work. So if you’re an adventurous bottomfeeder (is there any other kind?) and you have some hours free, check it out. Worst case scenario you get that buzz you’ve always wanted.