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It’s a Wrap! Sale

It's a Wrap! 2nd Annual Accessories Extravaganza Begins Friday
It's a Wrap! 2nd Annual Accessories Extravaganza Begins Friday

One of my favorite places to shop in Burbank is It’s a Wrap! They acquire mostly unworn or gently used wardrobe leftovers from movie studios at serious bargain prices. Imagine a thrift store that carries couture! They always have tons of designer labels for both men and women in a variety of sizes (not just size 2). They also have jewelry and accessories. I recently picked up a Prada dress with the tags still intact for under $200, six pairs of luxury tights (unopened) for $3 each, a silk scarf for $5 and a Theory trench coat for $10.

With all of this in mind, I seriously had second thoughts about publicizing this sale so that I could keep all of the bargains to myself, but what the hell. Starting this Friday, November 27, It’s a Wrap! will be hosting their Second Annual Accessories Extravaganza. Also, the first 25 customers to spend $50 or more in the store that day will receive a gift certificate (contact store for specifics).

Recent arrivals include wardrobe from “Monk,” “Deal or No Deal,” “House,” “Law Abiding Citizens,” “Dexter”, Continue reading It’s a Wrap! Sale

Giant Robot Silverlake Closing Sale: now 30% off storewide

GLSL Closing SaleGiant Robot Silverlake is closing March 28th so now is the time to check out their closing sale if you haven’t done so already.

The sale began on March 10 — originally 20% off and an additional 5% on already marked down items — but Giant Robot has announced that their sale is now 30% off storewide, with an additional 10% on sale merchandise.

4017 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles 90029
310 662 GRLA
Tue-Fri 11-7 pm
Sat-Sun 12-8 pm

No ordinary garage/estate sale

Handcarved bone (not ivory!) and utterly beautiful
Handcarved bone (not ivory!) and utterly beautiful

No sir, even for Silver Lake this is more than your regular estate sale.

I’ve seen this stuff in person and it’s worth the drive. Stuff in every price range. Book shelves galore, antique furniture (some of it authentic prized Tibetan treasures), lamps, mirrors, collectibles, ceremonial masks from around the world – heck you’d better check it out yourself.

Craigslist ads here and here with more info and great pictures.

Today only, 830am – 6pm
3350 Wood Terrace @ Griffith Park Blvd.
More info: (323) 660-8622

Summer Yard Sale!

Some of you might remember last years Yard Sale which was super fun and the biggest success in yard sale history (we missed the Garage Sale record by $18.20). So we’re doing it again. This Saturday, August 16th, we’ll be pulling out all the stuff from our closets and storage spaces that we no longer want, putting little price tage stickers on them, stacking them up and keeping our fingers crossed that you feel our prices are fair and decde to purchase them and take them home to love them all on your own. What kind of things will we have? Clothes for sure, a bunch of furniture, CDs and DVDs, electronics, some kitchen stuff (some which was probably a wedding gift that’s never even been used), toys, art, posters, bike crap, tools, and I’m guessing lots of other stuff. Several bloggers on this site (and their friends) are aiming to bring a few boxes of stuff to sell, Markland is threatening to bring a BBQ, and I’ll be bringing the ruckus. I guess there will also be some food and drinks and stuff, and probably some of it will be vegan friendly. So, you should come buy our stuff. I promise you won’t have buyers remorse till at least the next day.

Sale is at 1724 Golden Gate Ave [map] in Silver Lake, will start at 10am* and finish up around 3pm or when ever every single thing is gone, which ever comes earlier. Or later. See you there!

*And just to reiterate 10am means 10am, it doesn’t mean 9am or 8:45am or 7am or 9:20am it means 10am. Everytime I’ve ever had a yardsale some smartalic thinks he/she is going to show up an hour early and clean the place out, and everytime said smartalic ends up standing around grumpy for an hour because we weren’t ready until the time we said we’d be. So, we’ll be selling stuff from 10am on, not before. Got it?