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The night we went roller skating

Growing up, we used to go roller skating every Saturday morning, easily until I was 17 or 18. I don’t know when I stopped going roller skating, but I did. Attempts to get friends to reclaim a lost activity didn’t end well. In other words, most people flaked rather than join me for a session at World on Wheels.

What I’m saying, is that it had been eons since I’ve hit the boards. I took my family on the Friday after Thanksgiving. To this day, I’m still trying to figure out how that happened. All I know is that I was having a nice conversation with my 6 year old daughter and next thing I heard coming from my mouth was, “So, we should go skating tomorrow.” Wait? Why did I say that? What the hell were we talking about?

Unfortunately, my daughter can fixate on a ‘maybe’ or a ‘should’ like nobody’s business. Yes. That meant we were definitely going. Fine. I could use the exercise. Right?

Well, we went and while I was still rusty; not trusting myself to skate backwards like I used to, it was a ton of fun. I got home, still sweaty and exhilarated and posted to Facebook something like, “OMGOMGOMG I just went roller skating and it was, like, totally a lot of fun. WOW!”

Most of the people who responded to my post went to school with me. We all grew up in La Puente, Walnut or West Covina. We all remember our days spent at Skate Junction. It was imperative we relive that as soon as possible. So a meetup with quickly cobbled together.
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Come Get Down and Derby With Me

My skates are cooler than yours
My skates are cooler than yours

This Thursday night, while you’re reheating that tired macaroni and cheese and making love to your sofa, I’ll be painting on my lycra disco pants and tube top for Down and Derby.

For one night only, The Echoplex will be transformed into a 1970s roller disco featuring multiple DJs and tons of casual making out. Well, that last part I can’t guarantee, but *fingers crossed!*

You can bring your own skates (mine pictured here) or some will be available to rent for $5. For half-off the cover charge, RSVP at downandderby.org.

Down and Derby at The Echoplex
Thursday, June 18, 9pm – 2am
$10 at the door / $5 with RSVP.