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As the Year Winds Down to a Close

Yeah, big fan of the whole "Freedom of Spech" thing.
Who is this dashing RobNoxious fellow?

Time to let go of ’09 and get ready for a New Start.

2009 is almost finished, and while there have been some great things that have happened, been plenty to remember fondly and celebrate, there’s also been a good lot that I’m sure none of us will miss. Some things that we should just put behind us. Some stuff that makes us just want to put paid to ’09 ¬†and get on with the New Year. Bring on some 2010.

Like the fact that RobNoxious hasn’t posted on Metblogs at all this year!

I Know! A Whole Year! Longer, really. Horrible, isn’t it? Tragic, one might say.

Well, well, welly well, my Little Droogs, not to worry. And we need not wait until the calendar flips its page into the next Three Sixty Five for my return:
The Noxious One is back, Friends.

All of my old posts can be found here:

But to narrow things down a bit, I think you should know that:
I like it The Punk Rock,
I like Comic Books and Sci Fi,
I don’t like surruptitious throttling of my internet, tapping of my phone or threats to Net Neutality,
I like Amusement Parks,
I don’t like douche bags,
I love exploring our fine city,
and even enjoy the occasional bit of poetry.

Really, though, I’m just another Artist making his way in L.A., paying the bills at his work-a-day job. But y’know, sometimes the job can really be HELL. (for someone, anyway. heh.)

In any case, it’s really good to be back, and I look forward to venturing into the New Year with everyone.

Thanks guys,