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If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution

El photo's cotillion shot used under Creative Commons
El photo's cotillion shot used under Creative Commons

Sick of salsa? Tiring of tango? Feeling a bit jaded about the Jitterbug? Well, on the last Saturday of the month, you can get your minuet on at the 6th Annual Revolutionary Ball held in the rotunda at UCLA library.

The Revolutionary Ball is part of a series of historical dances including the Romeo and Juliet Italian Renaissance Ball and the Jane Austen ball.

Costumes are optional, though they are requesting at least semi-formal attire–despite the “revolutionary” moniker, coming sans-culottes is apparently discouraged. And you have to RSVP as space is limited. I myself wouldn’t know a Virginia Reel if it hit me over the head, but I plan to go.

There will be dance lessons throughout the night, and heck, I wrote a dissertation on 18th century pop culture; it’s almost a moral imperative for me. So bust out the powdered wig and join me for a minuet. And if you’ve been to one of the historical balls before leave a comment and tell us how it was.