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4’33 at REDCAT

When I first heard the story of 4’33 in a college electronic composition class, I loved it. There was something about the concept of a musical piece being made out of the sounds present in the absence of an instrument that fascinated me. Also, John Cage used to put together compositions out of pieces of audiotape based on the I, Ching.

4’33, and its subsequent lineage, is being honored at REDCAT this week. The “unique concert from CalArts Experimental Music Workshop” (link goes to lengthy, educational description page) is happening on Friday, 3/21.  This is the auditory equivalent of MOCA, and I think it will be fascinating just to see how an unorthodox concept in an art evokes reaction and interpretation.  It is even more interesting in that experimental music must be interpreted differently by each person who reproduces it, and is impossible to perform without reflecting the artist playing it.

Anyways.  4’33 is being honored on Friday,  downtown.  There you go.