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L.A. River Reading

Los Angeles River_cover_PAfter reading Zach Behrens’ post on LAist last week about the man seen fishing in the L.A. River, I began to consider how little I know about the often hidden natural habitat of our city. Living in such urban surroundings, dwarfed by skyscrapers and barricaded by strip malls, it’s easy to forget that the City of Los Angeles is also a thriving and abundant ecosystem with actual wildlife and everything.

In an effort to learn more, I decided to check out the following books, “The Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death, and Possible Re-birth” by Blake Gumprecht and “Down by the Los Angeles River: Friends of the Los Angeles River’s Official Guide” by Joe Linton. Both are available on Amazon, but I’m first going to see if our brand new Silver Lake Library has them.

I’m certain that there are also many blogs dedicated to this subject, so if you have a particular one that you recommend, please leave a comment here and let me know. I’d love to check it out.

How The LA Public Library Is Like Netflix

los_angeles_-_schild.jpgBooks are my drug of choice. But as there has been quite a bit of belt-tightening in our household this year, I’ve spent more time at the library than at the bookstore and have given up Netflix. The coolest part is that I’ve spent most of my library time online, reserving books and having them delivered to my neighborhood branch. A la Netflix!

Okay okay, it’s not quite the same as there is sometimes a wait if the book is new and popular, and you do have to pick up and drop off the books. But it is free. And if you live close enough to your local branch, you don’t even have to drive.

For those of you who are already versed in the Library’s online services, you rock. For my fellow library n00bs, join me after the jump to learn more about this Netflix-like service.

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