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Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater Presents: Three’s Company

Grab your friends and head on down to the new Regal Beagle in Silver Lake this Friday, May 14 when Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater presents “Three’s Company.”

Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater is the brainchild of Mark Hayward (pawubu), whose unmatched master sock puppetry skills have been thrilling audiences for generations. Check out this link for a preview of what you can expect to see Friday night: www.youtube.com/user/pawubu.

The puppet show begins at 8:00 PM and will be followed by three bands, The Edges at 9:00 PM, Irradio at 10:00 PM and Ray Argyle’s “Saving Grace” EP CD release show at 11:00 PM.

Admission is $5 ($20 including open bar).

The show will be hosted at WHERE
1519 Griffith Park Blvd. (next to Mornings Nights)
Los Angeles, CA 90026