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Rantoul and Die – see it!

shapeimage_1Looking for a brutal relationship comedy? Well, you’re going to have to travel to Rantoul, IL to get it.

Actually you can get it right here at the Lillian Theater, if you’re seeing the new play RANTOUL AND DIE. Brought to you by the writer and producer of tv’s Two and a Half Men, this play really raises the bar on 99-seat theater in LA.

(Being from Chicago, I’m more than acquainted with Rantoul: It’s where you pee when you’re traveling from Chicago down to the lower parts of the state for the universities. But this play has nothing to do with that; it’s set there and boy do you ever get the feel for it. Job security means the local DQ fer chrissakes.)

Without divulging too much, they’re calling this “a romantic comedy wrapped in razor wire” and it can be brutal at times. But it’s also tightly written and beautifully (and intensely) acted. Cynthia Ettinger is utterly amazing.

It’s a short run and tickets are cheap, so there’s no excuse to miss this.

LA Times infoblurb is here. Kenneth Jones Playbill online is here.