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Protest over Prop 8 Results tonight in Weho.

I’m getting a lot of emails on the topic of Prop 8.  The results were the biggest disappointment of this election for me.  Will.i.am and Sean Bonner have both posted on the overall election.  Gloria Allred is taking up the cause on behalf of her clients.  Weho is closing the streets tonight for a protest and renewed effort to defeat Prop 8.  The full email I got via facebook email a moment ago:

Weho Protest
Step one is to get together
Event Info Host: Roots of Equality
Type: Causes – Protest
Network: Global
Time and Place Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: San Vicente Blvd between West Hollywood Park and the Pacific Design Center 
Street: 647 N. San Vicente Blvd.
City/Town: West Hollywood, CA 
Contact Info Phone: 323/848-6460
[email protected]

Description: Weho has closed their streets and is hosting a protest against prop 8.

“We have a much steeper road to climb. so don’t waste any time, let’s start tonight by all getting together to take to the streets in protest and prepare for the fight ahead. Change starts today”.

Someone raise an extra flag on behalf me and the kids.  I’d be there if tonight weren’t a school night and we were so far away.