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Defeat Prop 4!

A lot of money is being thrown around many of the propositions, but I’ve yet to see ONE commercial or flyer or even MENTION of Proposition 4, which would amend the constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated girls until 48 hours after minor’s parents or legal guardian has been notified.

THIS is the threat to abortion rights, not a bunch of people from both sides yelling about maybe revisiting Roe v. Wade.

THIS is where your freedom will be eroded.

THIS is the enemy.


Oh and if this crap seems familiar that’s because it is. Both Proposition 73 in November 2005 and Proposition 85 in November 2006 would have required doctors to notify a minor’s parent or legal guardian 48 hours before performing an abortion. BOTH WERE DEFEATED.

Let’s make this this clear yet again.