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El Coyote boycott results in downgraded Yelp reviews

Ok, I’ll admit, I wrote one of these bad reviews for El Coyote on Yelp.

But I really thought this place was only worth 2-3 stars in the first place, so it’s not like giving them a 1 star review over the whole Prop 8 thing is a huge stretch.

I took this screenshot a few days ago.  My favorite is the “Rating over time” chart on the right.

El Coyote Reviews after the boycott

It kind of tickles me, actually.

First, El Coyote Cafe. Next, El Pollo Loco (owned by the WKS Restaurant Group)

If people are getting in an uproar over a $100 donation made by the co-owner of El Coyote, well then here’s the next target for gay marriage supporters. 

Roland Spongberg of Long Beach, CA is the President of WKS Restaurant Group, which runs many El Pollo Loco locations throughout Southern California.  Roland gave $6,000 to the YES ON 8 campaign on 8/21/08.  

Faith at http://soqueer.blogspot.com did all the legwork to find out where all these locations were, including a WKS-owned Denny’s in Fontana. (WKS has been hiring for a Corner Bakery location in Arizona, but evidently no Corner Bakeries in California are WKS-owned.) WKS also runs the El Pollo Locos on-campus at CSULA and CSULB.

I’ll admit it.  I’m generally a fan of El Pollo Loco.  

But chicken marinaded in anti-gay sentiment and flame-broiled over hate doesn’t sit well with me.  

So farewell to this and all the other WKS-owned EPLs.  

Photo by j3ku, used under Creative Commons.

You can find the list of El Pollo Loco locations run by WKS Restaurant Group compiled by Faith after the jump.
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Reaching the Chinese-American & Taiwanese-American community to vote NO on Prop 8 in California

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have lunch with two awesome Asian American women in K-Town.  We discussed various topics, but the discussion eventually got around to Prop 8.  Cyn3matic said that she had recently gone to Ranch 99 in the San Gabriel Valley for groceries but was hassled by groups of Chinese/Taiwanese people who were trying to get people registered to vote specifically to vote for Prop 8.  Some parts of the Chinese/Taiwanese community, particularly the churches, have been actively reaching out in this way.

To counter efforts like these, on Thursday, October 23rd, API Equality LA gathered various Asian American leaders at the Japanese American National Museum’s National Center for the Preservation of Democracy for a press conference to say NO to PROP 8.

Speakers included some powerful folks:  California Board of Equalization Chair Judy Chu, Assembly members Mike Eng, Ted Lieu, and Warren Furutani, and actor (and newlywed) George Takei.

One of the most compelling speakers was school board member, Jay Chen, who addressed the lies that same-sex marriage would be taught in schools.

Here is his speech in English.

And a corresponding one in Mandarin.  (If you have Mandarin-speaking family members who are confused, please share this video with them before election day.)