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Prince Rocks The Hell Out Of LA Live

lotusTo this day I still cannot believe my parents bought me the soundtrack to Purple Rain. I would sit in my bedroom huddled in secret glee as I listened to Darling Nikki and the rest of the highly suggestive lyrics.  But what started out as a tawdry flirtation with sexual material grew into a mature adoration for one of the greatest musicians to ever walk on earth.

If you’ve been a Prince fan for any span of time, you know that not only is he a musical genius but his addiction to performing has provided millions of us with memorable concerts.  He does them on the fly.  He plays whatever the hell he wants for however long he feels like.  Sometimes he makes people wait for hours outside before he gets started but he always rewards them with an unforgettable fist full of hours he never again repeats.

In anticipation of his latest musical triumph, LotusFlow3r, The Purple One has done it once more – tonight he is playing all three venues at LA Live one right after another.  Equally impressive, the shows sold out in about ten minutes.  If you were clever, and a devoted fan, you found a way around that via Prince’s incredibly beautiful and interactive website.

Will I be there?  HELL YES.  If you’re also in possession of tickets get there early.  The Staples Center has been hosting a world figure skating competition all week and there are finals going on at the very same time as the first couple of concerts.  There will be a sea of humanity at LA Live and all over  the streets surrounding the complex.  This is one of those times when taking the Metro will make you super cool and savvy.

Coachella Day Two: You Here For Prince Or Portishead?

Coachella ‘08

“How would you describe St. Vincent?”

It’s Day Two at Coachella. The heat gathers in the fierce sunlight ten feet away and then pushes into the shade of the tent where I’m sitting with Ryan and Chris. “She folk?”

“Not folk. More whirling, demented cabaret, by turns lovely and dissonant, often within the same song, built with phrases gathered from the voices of a multitude of instruments.”

That was the gist of response. What I think I actually said was, with a shrug, “She’s hard to describe.”

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