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Today’s “Dear Abby” online is a fraud!

Its a fraud. I know the author.  Its one of those bizarre connections you get in facebook.  I knew Jeff through Ruth666 while we were in college.  I think he actually moved here long before either of us did.  Today’s “what Jeff is doing” bit made me laugh as well:

Jeffrey G is laughing because the made-up letter he sent to Dear Abby is running today: http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/

I had to laugh.  Checking the link takes you to todays Dear Abby “YOUNG WORKERS MUST LEARN HOW TO ‘DRESS FOR SUCCESS“.  Its pure fiction.  

For the full letter, used with Jeff’s permission, you must make the jump.  Anyone care to count down how long before its yanked from the web after this is read? Continue reading Today’s “Dear Abby” online is a fraud!