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Supervisor debate to be held on March 27; Will be livestreamed by NBC LA

LA Press Club Hosts Free Supervisor Debate 3/27 @ 7 pm, Live-Streamed by NBC LA

With Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky termed out, the race to represent Los Angeles County’s 3rd District is wide open for the first time in 20 years. Former state lawmaker Shiela Kuehl and former mayors Bobby Shriver, John Duran and Pamela Ulich are competing to become the elected representative of the 2 million people who live in the San Fernando Valley and the Westside, and along the coast from Malibu to Santa Monica.

Los Angeles Press Club has teamed up with NBC Los Angeles to bring this important debate to you live. The event is free to all, but R.S.V.P. is a must. Plenty of free parking behind the building. Refreshments will be served.

What are their ideas for preventing abuses by the Sheriff’s Department? How would they reform the troubled foster care system? Can they patch the holes in the social safety net? These and other questions will be answered on March 27, as the Los Angeles Press Club hosts a public debate among the candidates, with Patt Morrison (Los Angeles Times / KPCC) moderating. Questions will come from members of the LA press club, professional journalists working in Los Angeles in every platform. To submit a question email it to Diana-AT-lapressclub.org and put “Debate Question” in the subject line.

Date & Time: March 27, 2014. 7pm (doors open at 6pm). The debate starts at 7 pm sharp, so be sure to be seated by then.
Venue: The Los Angeles Press Club, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027. Free parking.
Metro: Red line Sunset/Vermont.
RSVP Required

Please tell the City not to ban medical marijuana collectives!


We just received word that the vote, and all action at City Hall, has been POSTPONED until further notice.

Please continue to Support Unionized Medical Cannabis Workers, and your right to Safe Access, in LA by writing a letter to your council person at www.ufcw770.org/cannabis.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Here’s my original post:

The city is set to vote to ban collectives this Friday.

Yes, you read that right.

Currently there are 8 votes in favor of banning ALL L.A. medical marijuana collectives. In order to overturn that, we need to make sure Busciano, LaBonge, or Krekorian lean in our favor. If all three of them vote to ban… It’s referendum time.

Unless we turn just ONE VOTE by Friday, all LA collectives will be banned.

To be clear, there could very well be 8 votes to ban right now because 3 of those votes have been holding their cards close to their chest.

If you can (and you care) please show up this Friday, June 22, 2012 at 9am, at LA City Hall East () for a press conference with Union Members, Patients, and Community Allies, to preserve safe access. This is important and very real; your voice can help keep collectives open to the law-abiding citizens who use them.

Please call and write to your councilmember in the meantime: www.ufcw770.org/cannabis

MonsterKiller PAC

Peace Monument & US Capitol by jcolman, used under Creative Commons.
Peace Monument & US Capitol by jcolman, used under Creative Commons.

Angelenos, it’s time for you (yes, YOU) to get politically active. There is a conspiracy afoot that will effect nearly every person reading this, and it is up to you to stop it.

Have you ever purchased a ticket for a concert or other entertainment event through Ticketbastardmaster or Live Nation? If you have and you’re anything like me, that purchase was probably immediately followed by long and loud complaints of excessive costs for said tickets, paired with “convenience fees” (convenient for who, exactly?) that are commonly 30-50% of the face value of the ticket. As bad as this situation is, it could potentially get a lot worse.

In February, Ticketmaster Entertainment and Live Nation announced plans to merge. This would make one company out of the industry’s number one ticket seller (Ticketmaster) and the second largest ticket seller (Live Nation.) These two (as of now) companies are also the industry’s largest provider of talent management services and the largest promoter of live entertainment events. See where this is going? Yahtzee! I mean, monopoly.

Follow me past the jump to find out how you can stop this monster. Continue reading MonsterKiller PAC

Selling Obama

During a quick trip to the corner store this evening on a quest for flour, I was assailed by Obama Mania.  A shelf overflowing with bottled water and souvenir mugs summed it up quite nicely for me and I was compelled to take an exhausted (thus blurry) but amused snapshot with my cellphone which I sent to a few friends.

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to look a lot like this – Obama coffee cups, pins, toast, shirts, napkins, eggs, champagne (as seen in a MySpace ad), pizza, toothpaste and, yes, Obama water.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.  I’m just as excited as anyone who voted for Barack Obama but a part of me is horrified by the profuse use of his image to sell items from collector’s pieces to mundane frivolities such as water.

Saturday 11/15 biggest protest ever on Prop 8

The protest is going National Saturday with LA among 50+ in the US participating.

The Facebook groups are continuing to publish protest info on Prop 8 faster than I can read and post what is relevant to LA.  The Pepperdine group over at facebook sent a notice regarding a nationwide protest being organized by the Join the Impact group.

LA’s protest will take place at LA City Hall, 200 N Spring Street (in Los Angeles of course).  The protest will start at 10:30AM.  It is planned to end at 2:30PM.    More information can be found on the LA Join the Impact Facebook page.

For those that know me I am not a fan of protests as the location is usually irrelevant or it gets out of hand and pisses off the very people that are in need of convincing.  I think the better location would have been in front of a Morman Church, but this isn’t my protest.  

The issue of same sex marriage is so emotionally charged it can get unruly quickly.  My plea is those attending do everything possible to maintain their dignity and remain civil regardless of the provocations.  Please?

No on 8 isn’t dead yet – Gloria Allred says so!

I may not always agree with LA Attorney Gloria Allred but that woman knows how to play the press and get everyones panties bunched up nicely.  Her current battle is to overturn the Prop 8 results.  To do this she has clients who are filing a lawsuit with some sort of new approach to the constitutionality of Prop 8.  There is a new conference planned for noon today wherein she will outline the legal premise of the suit and pass out copies to the media.  I wish I could get a copy as I’d love to read it and post it here for everyone else to read who is inclined to do so.
You have to make the jump to read the full press release I got in my email just moments ago on the topic. Continue reading No on 8 isn’t dead yet – Gloria Allred says so!

Campaign junk mail hits a new low


It gets bigger with a click
It gets bigger with a click but it still makes you sick

The mail last week has been sorted at and dumped directly into the blue recycle bin.  Little was worth saving.  This gem was so big it stood out, when i read it, it made me wanna vomit.  It is about as low as I have ever seen.  I’m not a big fan of Drier, but come on attack the issues. If he’s taking dates on our money and you can prove it say so.  Really that is the important issue here. 

My wife’s reaction when she saw it: “What the hell are they so afraid of that they have to stoop to this level”?  Beats the hell out of me.  It was put out by a group calling themselves “Blue America PAC” and align themselves with the democratic party.  It was published and printed by the Los Angeles Blue America PAC.  Frankly, that kind of hatefulness based on orientation is way out of line with the platform that party has stood for in recent years.  I wonder how the local democractic party dignataries feel being associated with this group?

Thanks Blue America for publishing a new low in election rhetoric.  Please refrain from sending the garbage in future, really it made me ill to see that sort of hate in print.  Intolerance, spreading hate and fear is counterproductive to what I am trying to teach my kids.

Sorry for the poor scan, at 8.5X14 inches it is bigger than can fit in my ancient scanner.

The other shoe – Bratton records robo-calls for Obama

(Image via Wikipedia)
What was it – oh, yesterday, when I wondered why the hell LAPD Chief William Bratton would yell “terrorism!” into a theater already mobbed with stressed-out, trigger-happy voters?

Well, here’s another clue to the payoff: Times blogger Joel Rubin’s scoop that Bratton has recorded a robo-call announcement shilling for presidential candidate Barack Obama – or, more to the point – attacking GOP rival John McCain’s record on crime and punishment:

The message reportedly criticizes the record of Republican Party presidential nominee John McCain on law enforcement issues.

A spokesperson for Bratton confirms that he has recorded the political campaign message but would not provide details of its content or where the Obama campaign plans to use it.

My beef’s not with anyone backing Obama – quite the contrary, the man is currently the best man in the race for the job, and I’m curious to hear what he has to say about McCain’s law-n-order chops.

My quarrel is with Bratton abusing his taxpayer-funded position to engage in politics waaay out of his jurisdiction. Sure, law enforcement is a local issue everywhere. But if Rubin’s sources are correct, this feels suspiciously like chair-fluffing for a cabinet seat in an Obama administration.

So, what’s your bet – Homeland Security or Department of Justice?