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Saturday 11/15 biggest protest ever on Prop 8

The protest is going National Saturday with LA among 50+ in the US participating.

The Facebook groups are continuing to publish protest info on Prop 8 faster than I can read and post what is relevant to LA.  The Pepperdine group over at facebook sent a notice regarding a nationwide protest being organized by the Join the Impact group.

LA’s protest will take place at LA City Hall, 200 N Spring Street (in Los Angeles of course).  The protest will start at 10:30AM.  It is planned to end at 2:30PM.    More information can be found on the LA Join the Impact Facebook page.

For those that know me I am not a fan of protests as the location is usually irrelevant or it gets out of hand and pisses off the very people that are in need of convincing.  I think the better location would have been in front of a Morman Church, but this isn’t my protest.  

The issue of same sex marriage is so emotionally charged it can get unruly quickly.  My plea is those attending do everything possible to maintain their dignity and remain civil regardless of the provocations.  Please?