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Pi day deals…your choice of pies

Slice o homemade pie

March 14 is National Pi Day, and Whole Foods Market is celebrating by offering $3.14 off both large bakery pies and large take-and-bake pizzas! This Pi Day deal is only valid on March 14 and available while supplies last. Varieties of pies and pizzas vary from store to store, but may include pumpkin pie, apple pie, gluten-free apple pie, cherry pie, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, vegan pizza and more. All pies and pizzas contain absolutely no hydrogenated fats, no bleached or bromated flours, and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Selection varies by store and excludes frozen.

Of course Whole Foods isn’t the only place in town with a “Pi Day Deal”…what’s your favorite Pi Day Deal in the city?

The Proper Way to Eat Lox

coffee and pi
coffee and pi

Saturday, as you may know, was formally declared Pi Day by the US House Representatives.  In unwitting celebration of the day, I went to brunch at the Four N 20 in Valley Village with Metblogs’ own Lulu of the Lotus Eaters. (The celebration was unwitting because it had been so long since I visited there, I remembered it merely as the “4 & 20 Diner” and sort of forgot the emphasis on pies and the fact that the servers’ shirts are embroidered “4 n 20 π.”)

The point, though, is not about pi or pie, per se; the point is about lox. Lulu ordered lox and eggs and onions, and then proceeded to annoint the melange with hot sauce. WTF?

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