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Remember to come out & meet everyone at Classic Eats tonight!

Last time we did this it was, clearly, a rager!


Here’s all the info on tonight. Tiki Ti in Silver Lake(ish) at 4:30; then, Taix in Echo Park at 6:30. See you all there! Burns! will be leading a contingent over to the Derby Dolls bout (sold-out, but if you have tix…) from Tiki Ti. LA Metblogs will be everywhere tonight! Everywhere, I say! Muahahaha!

See you there!

Ghost Restaurant of Union Station: Harvey House

thank you Vix
photo by Vix

Thanks to Vix over at her “History, Los Angeles County” blog I’ve discovered yet another restaurant at Union Station. At first, I assumed Traxx had been built within the old “Harvey House,” but upon inspection it appears as if Vix’s photos of the deserted Harvey House date from 2007, while Traxx opened in 1997.

courtesy of Harvey House fan site

Apparently Harvey House is now used primarily for wedding receptions and the like. This evening while we’re at Traxx for Classic Eats I hope to sneak in to the former Harvey House location and snap some pics.

I’m also intrigued by Union Station’s Union Station’s environs’ former occupants, the original citizens of LA’s first Chinatown (now relocated several blocks to the northeast) and am grooving on this great collection of images of relics unearthed from beneath the station, from opium bowls to Bromo-Seltzer bottles.

My First Time: Philippe’s

phillipes1.jpgYesterday, in my further adventures downtown, I went to Philippe’s (100 years old!) for the first time in my 22 years of living in Los Angeles. And after all I heard and read, it did not disappoint! I went with the same friend who accompanied me to Clifton’s Cafeteria not too long ago. For lunch we shared a beef sandwich and a turkey sandwich. She had potato salad, I opted for mac salad and we shared peach pie. My bill came to $7.70 (with iced tea and the 9ยข coffee) — what a deal! (I did also leave a $2 tip.) It’s a phenomenal deal all the way around as they even have free parking.

More photos and stories on my downtown Philippe’s adventure after the jump.

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