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No Bunny Buying For Easter!

Photo by Jodi
Photo by Jodi

In spite of the fact that I’ve eaten way more than my fair share of Cadbury Crème Eggs over the past however-long-it’s-been since Easter candy hit the shelves, the holiday itself kind of snuck up on me. Since I don’t really partake in the religious aspect of Easter, for me it means a copious amount of sugar ingestion. Aside from all of the scrumptious sweets, fluffy bunnies and cute baby chicks are everywhere. I’m sure someone is also shopping for the perfect bonnet to wear to church or the annual egg hunt. Unfortunately, others are planning to purchase real live versions of the animals that have become symbolic of this springtime celebration…bunnies.

The idea sounds cute enough, right? An actual Easter Bunny in the basket on Sunday morning. Honestly, no, it doesn’t. Much like the overabundance of giving Dalmation puppies to kids as Christmas gifts after the1996 remake of the film 101 Dalmations, some people think it’s festive to buy live bunnies, in addition to the chocolate ones. Many of those folks don’t understand that this is not a good idea and most of the rabbits given on Easter end up in shelters, much like the spotted pups did.

Two Los Angeles based organizations, Found Animal Foundation and PetSave Foundation have teamed up to provide education about rabbits and what it entails to own one. They also promote adopting as opposed to buying a bunny. Rabbits can, and often do, make wonderful pets. Like with any animal you might decide to bring into your home, a little education first goes a long way in terms of making the lifelong commitment your new four-legged family member deserves.

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