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How NoHo Gateway Got Approved

This artist's rendering of another artist's POS

“I love public art projects because, when they’re done right, they give identity and character to a neighborhood,” said Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

The North Hollywood Gateway is up, it’s lit, and it already has its fair share of detractors. Metblogs’ own Jodi gave her review just a few days ago.

Let’s be honest: Nobody likes it. When I drive under the massive public art thing that has vomitously spewed across Lankershim Boulevard, I can’t help but think, “Who approved this?”

So, I asked.
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The NoHo Gateway Is Here

Last year, Jason showed us a sneak preview of the recently commissioned North Hollywood Gateway. Well, on July 9th the installation was unveiled. I’d forgotten about this and was driving along Lankershim a few days later and was taken by surprise. And then I drove around the block to get another look.

The Gateway to NoHo by Peter Shire (Photo by Jodi)
The Gateway to NoHo by Peter Shire (Photo by Jodi)

From the NoHo Arts District website:

As part of our mission to revitalize the communities we work in, the CRA/LA works to include arts and culture in our redevelopment plans. The NoHo Gateway has been created to span Lankershim Boulevard and welcome visitors to the arts district. The Gateway will complement other public improvements and visually enhance the overall street character by focusing on NoHo’s unique identity as a destination where people can experience all art forms.

Click through to see the gateway at night!