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Los Angeles welcomes Sterling Cooper!

Travel brochure from the Mad Men scrapbook.
Travel brochure from the Mad Men scrapbook.

Don Draper and Peter Campbell are flying out from Madison Ave., New York on Sunday, representing the Sterling Cooper advertising agency at an aerospace convention. Ever since President Kennedy made that crazy promise to put a man on the moon before 1970, everyone has wanted a piece of the action.

Between wining and dining congressman on their abilities to help secure contracts, I’m sure those boys will fit in some fun time away from the wives.

Since the pair are sharp enough to have recently taken up Twittering, I don’t think its too presumptuous to think they’ll be looking here for suggestions on watering holes or restaurants they should patronize… of course, these places will need to exist in 1962, and they should probably be serving Canadian Club.

Of course, there’s Musso & Frank’s and the Formosa… any other joints this pair should visit?