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Annoyed at increase of Los Angeles visitors parking permit price

I live in L.A. city proper on a street that is permit parking.  For the most part, I don’t mind this, because it means that I usually have no problems parking on my street overnight since you need to have a resident’s (or visitors permit) to park on my street.

Because we have friends visiting pretty often, we pay for the two extra visitor parking permits so that our friends never have to worry about finding a place to park when they come over.

When we moved here in 2004, the cost for a single 4 month visitor permit was $10.  That meant for two permits ($20) x 3 times a year = $60/year for our visitor parking permits year-round.  Not much to pay for the convenience of having parking for our visitors.

The rate stayed the same until early 2007 (the permit fees went up in November 2006).  Now it was $15 per permit every four months.  So then it became: two permits ($30) x 3 times a year = $90/year for our two visitor parking permits. A 50% increase! Yikes… but ok, prices do go up, and who knows how long the visitor permits were at $10.

Well, surprise, surprise!  Via City of Los Angeles Ordinance No. 180059, new permit rates are in effect as of August 30, 2008. Of course, I didn’t know this until I received my renewal letter saying that a single visitor permit is now $22.50. Two permits ($45) x 3 times a year = $135/year for our two visitor parking permits. This is ANOTHER 50% increase!

So in less than 5 years since I’ve been here, the annual cost of these things have more than doubled! (FYI, The cost of annual (non-visitor) preferential parking permits are less than this, but they have also followed the same pattern of increase.)

Is it the norm for the cost of these things to go up 50% every two years?

If so, then by my calculations, this is what I can project the cost of a SINGLE visitor’s permit for FOUR MONTHS to be:
In 2010: $33.75
In 2012: $50.63
In 2014: $75.94
In 2016: $113.91

Dude. If this is the case, I’m never having anyone visit me again.