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Important Lincoln Heights Crosswalk Threatened

2808-n-broadway.JPGOne of the first projects I worked on was to get a signalized crosswalk at that intersection,” says Erika Gallo. “We collected hundreds of signatures and our success were the crosswalk signs. We knew we needed more but were never able to be promised more than the signs.” Now it seems as though that crosswalk may be removed entirely.

I’m on a few community e-mail lists for Northeast LA & noted this post. I think it’s important to know about. What I’m not clear on is the reason for removing this crosswalk. I have called the DOT only to land on hold forever. Perhaps someone will have better luck than I. Google maps with street view has an excellent image of this intersection and the crosswalk itself.

Here’s the post from local businesswoman Erika Gallo:

Good morning friends and neighbors,
Most of you know me or recognize my name. I want to give you a bit of background on this intersection. As you know, my family has owned Sloan’s Dry Cleaners at that intersection for over 30 years. Over these years we’ve seen countless people cross that street and nearly be hit by cars that won’t stop. In my time spent working at our business I’ve seen four people hit by oncoming traffic. I particularly remember one young man who I saw thrown up in the air and land flat on the floor…

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