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March Madne$$

Los Angeles is broke. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the city’s electricity, cable, and internet was shut off for failure to pay. City workers have taken pay cuts, furlough days, and had their positions eliminated altogether. It’s for the greater good, according to elected officials.

Yet, 8 of those same elected officials are refusing to take pay cuts of their own. Not even a fraction of their bloated 6-figure salaries. Reasons vary from “I already fired enough of my staff,” to “I just don’t feel like it.”

So, in honor of March Madness, which of the Elite Eight will be the last to fall? Who will hold out the longest at their own political peril? Will it be the City Attorney who is on an Illegal Billboard Crusade? Or, the City Councilman who doesn’t live in his own home because a drifter keeps sneaking in to spend the night?

Face it, your basketball bracket cannot be saved. It is time for a new game. Play along!