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Park and Ride parking limit

8 hour parking
8 hour parking limit at Monrovia Park and Ride

Recently I’ve had reason to pop into the Park and Ride lot at Myrtle and Duarte road in Monrovia.  I noticed all over the place signs with a parking limit of 8 hours, yet the average person using the lot needs more than that to cover his commute into the city from there and his work day.  Fortunately I didn’t see any of our local “parking police” in the lot and am glad they weren’t as I’d suspect most there are over that artificially low limit that doesn’t take into consideration commute time and length of a work day that includes a lunch break.

I wonder how the lot hours will change  once the Gold Line station opens in a few years and more commuters will be using the lot to get into work in LA or even Pasadena?

For one I’m glad it appears they don’t enforce the  8 hour limit there.

Pic by me with the trusty old cell phone, embiggens with a click.