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On the Origins of Parking Tard-ism

Parking Douchebag
The most important person in the lot.

Ever see that guy parked perfectly straddling the line between two parking spots? If you’ve been reading this blog for much time at all, I suspect you have. Our own Matt Mason pondered whether a guy still in his car who drove off after being photographed constituted a parking d’bag (a more PC term). Continue reading On the Origins of Parking Tard-ism

Parking D-Bag of the Day

Spotted recently at a very crowded Costco parking lot, this SUV driver took up a whole space and more, making it impossible for someone to park in the adjacent spot.

Based on the advertising in lieu of a front license plate, this looks to be a new vehicle.  Does that give the driver the right to take up extra parking spots in this manner?  I must have missed the memo. Or maybe it’s the driver’s first big SUV, and he or she parked this way by accident and didn’t bother to check their parking job because they were too busy texting.  If so, hopefully shoppers wheeling their giant Costco shopping carts next to this vehicle won’t be similarly neglectful.