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A new blog – from the REAL OG’s

OG = Original Grandparents!
OG = Original Grandparents!

Check it out: The newest and best blog in LA!
Eighty years ago, a young girl named Barbara arrived in Los Angeles from New York with her family, took one horrified look at the Jewish neighborhood of Boyle Heights and sniffed “not for me!” Brooklyn Avenue was lined with open barrels of pickles and herring, and frowsy women in housedresses and slippers shopped among the stink. To sophisticated pre-teen Barbara, Boyle Heights was “a Jewish Tijuana,” and she insisted her parents move West of Alvarado.

That was then and this is now. Little Barbara grew up and married Harry
Cooper, raised a family, ran a discount shoe store, and migrated ever
further west, to Hollywood, West LA, Culver City, Camarillo. In 2008, after
73 years of marriage, the Coopers have come back to Los Angeles and settled
into California’s first licensed retirement home, the historic Hollenbeck
Palms in Boyle Heights.

Now with the help of their granddaughters Kim and Chinta Cooper, this
charming and hilarious pair have launched The OGs blog (OGs stands for
Original Gangstas, or Original Grandparents) to celebrate their return to
Los Angeles and give the whole world a chance to enjoy the OGs’ unique
perspectives of life, love and the mysteries of the universe.
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