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Distracted Driver enhanced enforcement set for 10/5

I got it in a couple of  tweets from the CHP.  A multi-agency task force is set to enforce the hands free cell and texting ban on October 5.  All day event  and the tickets aren’t cheap.  They refute the urban legend that the tickets are only $20, they are actually $139 plus court costs which will push you near the $200 mark.   You’ve been warned, the largely unenforced ban will be enforced on Tuesday

Red Flag Warnings Saturday (9/25) evening until Monday evening (9/27)

Twitter announcement from LA County Fire.

I just got the twitter announcement.  Heat in the triple digits in the Valley’s coupled with extremely dry air has triggered LA County Fire to issue Red Flag Warnings.  If you live in an area that is at risk you should already know what to do, more precisely where not to be parking.

Aside from the fire risk.  Remember to keep you and your pets hydrated during this heat wave.

Monterey Park has LAUSD gang bangers meet their victims.

Sistine Culvert

Who knew, but under a new state law parents of gang-bangers are going to be held accountable for their kids actions.  Monterey Park is taking it a step further with the parents/guardians of the bangers in LAUSD to meet with the victims according to an article appearing in the Pasadena Star News yesterday morning.

Part of the program includes educating the parents on resources to keep their kids out of more trouble.  The assumption of course is that these parents give a damn in the first place.

Seriously, does anyone think this will make a difference in the gang problem?  From where I sit these kids wind up in gangs because their parents were absent or hands off in the first place leaving them with no guidance and support to make right decisions.  They opted for gangs for the sense of family and purpose that was lacking at home.  (There are other factors but those are the key I see).
Having never been victimized by a gang I have no idea on how I’d react towards a mandatory meeting with the offender.  The closest I am to being the victim is the few times that my cars have been broken into to steal the stereo and I could care less about meeting the burglar.  I feel the same way towards meeting the offender in a gang related incident, why bother and just move on.  I can’t imagine what I would expect to get out of such a meeting.  Or what the offender would get from the meeting other than a chance to gloat a little.

The discussion on Topix tends to be all over the board but the consensus is all comes to bad parenting. What say you on Assembly Bill 1291?  Will this law make a difference or change nothing?

Pic by me, called the “Sistine Culvert”, urban art tagged over repeatedly by the DESG.

Continued fight against Vulcan Mining needs financial help.

Let me bring you up to speed.  Vulcan Mining won round one in their quest to expand west of  the environmentally sensitive Fish Canyon area.  The mayor of Azusa voted no on the expansion but was overridden by the city clowncil that unanimously voted “yes”.  The city of Duarte is litigating the matter on the grounds that the environmental impact to the community and the SGV as a whole was ignored and the EIR is flawed. A group of Azusans calling themselves “Azusans against Mining Expansion” collected enough signatures for their ballot initiative to end the expansion by putting it to community vote.

The Azusans Against Mining Expansion need funds to win the election.  To that end they are having fund raiser this Sunday, September 19 at the American Legion Hall.  All the details on their web site HERE.

Seriously, this group needs help.  Vulcan Mining has already been pouring money into fighting this proposition by hiring its own huge PR firm and soliciting people in the community to support the defeat of the proposition even before Azusans Against Mining Expansion got the signatures on the petition approved for the ballot.  They are limitless in resources and AAME needs all the help they can get to win.

The dust and grit in the area is bad enough in the area without them adding to the problem.  Along the Lario Trail it is most evident, but it gets blown all over the SGV adding to our air quality problems.

I’m off my soap box on the topic for now.  Go back to planning your weekend, but seriously if you can help them out add it to your weekend activities.

Pocket Parks: Julian D Fisher Park

Tucked behind the Monrovia School District offices lies Julian D Fisher Park.  It is one of many pocket parks dotting Monrovia, but this one is special because of its 3 regulation size basketball courts.  Good enough that it is listed on the “Courts of the World” web as a place to go for pick up games and just enjoy the sport.

Bringing it closer to home for me, the Monrovia Mountaineers, a competitive travel basketball team for 14 and under age kids uses it for practice when local gyms aren’t available.   We (as in my youngest child who is a Mountaineer) are at this park for practices with his team several times a week.

Mountaineers practice early on a Sunday morning.

There is also a nice Picnic Pavilion and play ground area to round out the usefulness of this pocket park.  Fair warning, this park is packed in the evenings and on weekends.  Week day mornings you tend to find the odd Mom and kidlet in the play area.  Parking is limited on Almond Avenue, but not completely impossible to find a space within walking distance of the entrance to the park.

Easy access from 210 Fwy via Myrtle or Mountain Ave exits.

Hit and Run Driver Identified, Pasadena PD asks for help in locating.

The Pasadena Police Department is looking for Lucio Morales, AKA Martin Beltran, for felony hit and run. Morales is described as Hispanic, 5 feet 8 inches, approximately 160 pounds, with wavy black hair. Anyone with information about him is asked to contact the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241.

Wednesday, Frank Paneno, an 83-year-old Pasadena resident, was riding his motorized scooter in the bicycle lane westbound on Cordova Street when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Morales that was traveling east on Cordova Street and making a left turn onto Chester Avenue. Morales struck Paneno in the intersection, dragging him and his scooter several feet before stopping. Morales, along with his passenger, stopped to pull the scooter and victim from underneath the vehicle. Morales got back into his vehicle and fled the scene, leaving his passenger and the victim behind.

Paneno suffered major injuries to his head and body. He was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

The suspect’s vehicle was located, abandoned in Los Angeles.

Brush fire breaks out in Monrovia Canyon area

From the official city web the first information on the fire I spotted as I was exiting the 210 FWY about 1:15.

A small brush fire is burning in Monrovia Canyon Park. No structures are threatened and no evacuations have been ordered. The fire was apparently set off by a downed power line. A major Fire Department response has put dozens of firefighters and equipment on the scene. Watch this notice and the City of Monrovia page on Facebook for further updates.

From the old timers in the neighborhood they advise that that area has not burned since the mid-1960’s and is a concern to them.

According to my daughter the best place to view the ‘copter activity is from the Pavillions Shopping Center at Myrtle and Foothill.  For gawds sake…don’t attempt to drive up the hill for a better view of the activity, stay out of harms way and don’ t do anything to impede the fire fighters.  As for me, I have my suitcase still packed from the weekend so all I’m tossing in is the trusty insurance policies in the car and will be set to boogie if the fire gets bigger and they order evacuations.  (Good excuse as any not to unload the car and do nothing for a bit).

UPDATE 2:48PM from the city facebook page:  Firefighters have contained a small brush fire burning in Monrovia Canyon Park. Full encirclement is expected later this afternoon. No structures are threatened and no evacuations have been ordered. A major Fire Department response put dozens of firefighters and 40 pieces of equipment on the scene. Keep checking with us and our website for more details. Thank you.

Where’s The Fire?

In this day and age of instant information, I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated when I can’t find an answer immediately. Just this evening, I left work and noticed fire and smoke in some hills that looked like they might be near Burbank or Glendale. Driving along the 5, I saw that the flames were close to Glendale.

Photo by Jodi

Wanting to know more, I tuned my radio to a “news” station. In the span of 14 minutes, I heard about some traffic in Sherman Oaks, a dead model’s car, a professional football game, and a kidnapping victim discovery. Finally…a fire update! Two fires were mentioned, but neither was the one I was driving alongside. When I got home, I scoured the internet with no luck. The LAFD site hasn’t been updated since Tuesday (granted, I know they are very busy) and most people on twitter were questioning and speculating as well.

So, what source do you turn to for breaking news in L.A.? Please help! I need to know NOW!