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Songs About Los Angeles: “LA” by Neil Young


Neil Young’s song LA is darkly funny and since I heard it six years before I would ever set foot in Los Angeles (for a visit) it made me think of the city as a hazy, weird, quaking place where guys like Neil Young hung out. In the song, he seems to be trying to talk sense into a town that can’t concentrate on what he’s saying. He spits out a list of real and imagined cataclysmic scenarios to the fault-straddling metropolis, slapping it in the face to no avail.

But when the suppers are planned

And the freeways are crammed

And the mountains erupt

And the valley is sucked

Into cracks in the earth

Will I finally be heard by you, LA?

He sweetly sings, “LA, uptight city in the smog.” And then, with hauteur or maybe mockery, “Don’t you wish that you could be here too?” There’s the city’s duality again, which underlies all it creates and exports. Continue reading Songs About Los Angeles: “LA” by Neil Young